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    Talent is the soul of enterprise development and competition . HIAU regards talent as the first resource in the enterprise. A fundamental prerequisite is to rely on talent for the development of enterprises. The fundamental criterion is to respect the talent for the development of enterprises, And the fundamental task of the talent strategy is to promote common development of enterprise and employee . In the practice activities of human resources, HIAU is good at providing a stage to display their talent for all kinds of talents and make the best of them. At the same time, through various effective ways, continuously improve the enterprise human resources management level and comprehensive quality of talents, promote mutual development of enterprises and employees, and allow employees to share the fruits of development of enterprises, realize common development and share the success.

First, people-oriented, give full scope to the talents.
    HIAU adhere to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, adhere to unite people with broad prospects for development, inspire people with good career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective mechanism of talents, creating a positive environment for the growth of talent, committed to provide a stage to display talent for every employee, and by creating opportunity for personal development, make all kinds of personnel have opportunity and platform a to success and realize self value.
    In the use of the people, HIAU adhere to the idea of respect for talent and creation not only academic abilities or diploma, but also pay attention to the performance, the ability and the potential. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and good cultural environment, HIAU fully mobilize every employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity and let the staff love the job and do their best. Using right people in suitable thing and giving full scope to the talents.

Second, equal stress on integrity and ability.

    HIAU advocate to know, distinguish, select the talent in the competition, and dig out able person to use in the appropriate positions so that they can become a useful person in HIAU. We hope that everyone is swift horse, but we against personal heroism. Only people who has both ability and political integrity is real talent. HIAU person make moral a priority. “The movement of heaven is full of power, thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring; The earth's condition is receptive devotion, thus the superior man who has breadth of character carries the outer world.” Moral is the soul of talent and decide it’s application direction.

    We encourage innovation and individuality, but any act can not go beyond base line of cultural core. We think that talent is not necessarily talent and elite. HIAU really need talents who can  develop professional standards in ordinary post and make performance and play its due role. All rivers run into sea, HIAU provide the stage where all talents having skilled talent can show off their artistic talent in the appropriate positions, and then they grow with HIAU. 

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