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Technological development service

Technological process

Relevant cases

Case one: PSM power supply

Mainly used in EAST auxiliary heating system

◆Technical index

1)environment temperature -5℃ +45℃

2)altitude 1500m

3)nominal voltage AC570V(90%~110%)

4) rated frequency 50Hz(49.5Hz~50.5Hz)

5) mode of connection three-phase three-wire system

6)overcurrent protection turn-off time microsecond grade

7)overcurrent protection threshold value: 10-120A

Case two: large current magnetic field power supply

Mainly used in superconduction electric wire test, magnetic field maintenance and large power electric welding machine

◆Technical index

rated input voltage: 380VAC±10%

rated output current: 20kA

maximum output voltage: 5V

current ripple: <0.25% (20%-100%)

current precision: <0.5% (20%-100%)

rated output capacity: 100kVA

current lift precision: 20A

current change rate: 30kA/s

Case three: fast control inverter

magnetic field accelerate power supply, appropriate for industrial servo motor drive

◆Technical index

rated input voltage: three phase 380Vac,±10%,40Hz~80Hz;

rated output: 2.66kA/450V


current lift rate≥ 5kA/ms,

voltage lift rate: ≥ 300V/ms


Case four: small-signal control system

8 ways signal path all contain constant current output

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