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CAS-HIAU successfully hold charging pile manufacturer and operator, strive to become low carbon economy leader
Author : CAS-HIAU   Time : 2015-04-30

        ANHUI CAS-HIAU ELECTRICAL INC.(herein after referred to as “CAS-HIAU”) Is currently in the new phase of enterprise development and transformation and upgrading, with the help of new three board expansion. Recently, CAS-HIAU signed protocol of directional increasing capital and enlarging the stock share with Jiangsu LIVISM Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LIVISM electrical), successfully holding on LIVISM ELECTRICAL. Which is a new round of asset restructuring program following that in the January, CAS-HIAU announced the acquisition   of shares of Nanjing ECAR Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ECAR electric al)



        CAS-HIAU is a member unit of the CAS Hefei Technology Innovation Engineering Institute, in the background of CAS great science engineering, focus on the development of high power electronics and automatic control technology development, and vigorously promote the industrialization of environmental protection and energy saving and electric vehicle field power supply products, and strive to build a "one body two wings" development pattern, do what little   one can to help the science and engineering, contribute to the green China. CAS-HIAU   constantly improve themselves at the same time grasp the opportunity, devise strategies within a command tent, and actively participate in the era of big capital market, realize grafting of the value of science and technology and financial capital, injecting the fountainhead into industry.


        After nearly three months, CAS-HIAU successfully purchased LIVISM electrical. LIVISM Electric is committed to be domestic well-known electric car 020 public service charging network operators, “EV charging treasure” business platform can be online charging, synchronous extraction of data analysis techniques is the industry number one. Establishing the operation service background, integrating industry data, the fusion of charging service provider and demander in data. Intelligently combining the charging piles and the online service, to realize the fast charge, convenient payment and the integration of the effective management!


        Decided to use the advantages in capital, technology and management, CAS-HIAU construct model charging station through the capital injection, technological transformation and management promotion. Through promoting by the form of "1 + 1 + n", that coverage whole Suzhou area and serve Jiangsu Province and even the whole country. The two sides expressed their sincere cooperation to achieve win-win, and strive to integrate the restructuring LIVISM so as to let it become benchmark enterprise in a new energy charging pile operators. The powerful combination between CAS-HIAU and Jiangsu LIVISM will bring new development opportunities for both sides.


        And not long ago the January 18, ECAR electrical industrial and commercial registration of changes related to increase their investment has been completed. CAS-HIAU hold ECAR Electric  90% shares, which achieve to absolutely control ECAR – domestic large charging pile manufacturer. 


        You can see, in recent years, along with the transformation of the overall strategic direction, CAS-HIAU is seeking more acquisition opportunities. Mergers and acquisitions of the charging pile manufacturers and operators enterprises means that CAS-HIAU effectively integrate  charging facilities high quality resources, and that will open the company a new round of rapid development.


        In the future, on the basis of consolidation of the existing business, CAS-HIAU steadily expand new energy industry chain, and accelerate the layout of the high-end strategy investment sector. New energy charging infrastructure industry as the core pillars, CAS-HIAU play a synergistic effect between the industrial chain plate, and achieve strategic emerging industry and service industry "double support".

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