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Can give wireless car charging? German scientists said yes!
Author : CAS-HIAU   Time : 2015-01-13

The wire is gradually fading out of people's daily life. Cordless telephone, wireless mouse, wireless Headset is not uncommon, electric toothbrush, intelligent mobile phone wireless charging is becoming the new favorites. Information through radio transmission, and power can also be delivered through electromagnetic induction. In recent years, wireless charging device of electric automobile experts are research on electric vehicle. The traditional contact type charging when encountered snow and rain, mud and other weather conditions or the road, there is the risk of electric shock, compared with non contact type charging more for comfort and safety. Fraunhof integrated systems and components Research Institute (IISB) experts will electromagnetic induction charging TV as one of the future direction of development of charging device.

Electromagnetic induction type charging principle as the balance transformer, each carrying current conductor can produce the magnetic field, and the magnetic field itself can be power generation, if the direction of the magnetic field two wires can be favorable, the electrical energy for wireless transmission, has been applied in electric toothbrush and intelligent mobile phone charger, induction furnace etc..

Industry and technology sector in the electric vehicle induction charging research cooperation for many years. Current practice is installed in the body at the bottom of the induction coil, the charging device buried in the ground. But because the car from the ground up to 15 cm, requirements of coil power and volume to be big, will push up the cost of. In addition, animal or other objects may interfere with the power transmission, such as the cat will attract the heat floor is charged, even more dangerous is chewing gum, cigarette packing paper containing metal components of the paper, in the car or blown to the car under inductive charging surface immediately heated to spontaneous combustion.

To this end, Fraunhof experts developed a pre charging device, the inductive source mounted in the charging pile, can be slightly touch sensing source vehicles, so that the required coil diameter by 80 cm was significantly reduced to 10 cm. The system of high efficiency, lower cost, the charging process is also less affected by other factors interference. Forced charging pile made of plastic waist high, come into contact with the body automatically after the move back, if the contact force is too large, then fold down fall back to the ground, the body will not suffer damage, the car almost no barrier in passing. If the car failed to stop at the central axis is accurate charging pile position between the induction coil and plate the rear piles in longitudinal overlapping transverse laminated coil can also realize the power transmission, and is not affected by the vehicle volume and height effect.

IISB experts engaged in electric vehicle research for 12 years, and began to study the inductive charging 2 years ago. During the period, the team of experts established a comprehensive knowledge system covering power electronics, electromagnetic simulation, electromagnetic induction current distribution field. Coil design is very important, it determines the direction and strength of the magnetic field. The AC resistance is reduced to the minimum, they designed a composed of a plurality of thin and small isolated coils coil group. At present, they developed prototype transmission capacity of up to 3 kilowatts, energy efficiency up to 95%, the existing electric vehicle models can be charged overnight. Their future research goal is to continue to improve the charging power, to develop with the battery technology, two is to continue to reduce the cost of the charging station, charging pile and electric cars are bundled sales, only when the cost down to the right degree, the charging technology to become a mass market product.

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