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Musk hint: Tesla or Toyota together again
Author : CAS-HIAU   Time : 2015-01-13

In September 8th Tesla Motors CEO Elon Mask (Elon Musk) claimed that, the company's future might once again working with Toyota Corporation, the production of new automobile products.

Musk in Tokyo Monday claimed to the media: "from now on, looking to the future two to three years, if you see a major cooperation agreement signed between the Toyota and Tesla, it is no wonder." Although Tesla between company and the Toyota Corporation at present there is no clear plan to the final, but Mask claims, the parties may cooperate together to create projects, transaction size more than RAV4 electric car.

The remarks as Mr the two auto manufacturing company jointly developed RAV4 EV electric car sales gradually decline as. RAV4 EV the car started sales in two years ago, the current circulation of only 2000 vehicles. Affected by the RAV4 EV project, Toyota Tesla and the two companies have begun to take their own way to develop their own electric vehicle products. For example, Toyota are now preparing to sell the company's own's first fuel cell vehicles, and before this, Mask once this technology sniff at.

For the remarks maaseik, Toyota aspects have yet to comment.

Despite the informed sources said, RAV4 EV project because of conflict between the two company engineers and has been adversely affected, but musk said Monday, Tesla company "has a very good partnership with Toyota Corporation before". Previously, Mask was severely criticized as hydrogen fuel for vehicles is "stupid fuel", but, on Monday in Tokyo at Model S car conference, Mask said, trying various other techniques of course has important significance.

Battery supplier:

In June this year at the annual general meeting of shareholders, the 43 year old musk claims, restrictive factors of automobile battery pack supplier is between Tesla company and Toyota Corporation still need one or two years to establish cooperation to build a big important reason other car related plan. Last week, Tesla chose to build a "super battery factory" in American Nevada, this production of the world's best power lithium ion battery car.

Tesla is seeking with another Japan Inc -- Panasonic cooperate, to invest in new factories, the production of more low-cost battery, and to the Tesla company into a more mass market car manufacturer.

Mask today reiterated, he estimated Panasonic will provide 30% to 40% of the investment funds for the new plant both combined. Tesla is expected, by 2020, the plant will cost $5000000000. Mask said today: "we may promote the Panasonic faster on this project, I think, it will be beneficial to both sides."

At present Panasonic Corp spokesman also refused to maaseik remarks related to comment, but said Panasonic will is an important cooperative partner of tesla.

Mask also claimed: "today Panasonic decision-making speed left very deep impression to the person. Risk Panasonic can undertake the Tesla, we feel very honored."

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