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Learning general support of new energy automobile concept stocks welcome a rising opportunity
Author : CAS-HIAU   Time : 2015-01-13

New energy vehicle concept stocks and welcome good. Recently, President Xi Jinping in Shanghai inspects, the development of new energy vehicles is the route one must take our country towards auto power from the car big country. This, analysts say, has been greatly recognized at the same time in the automotive industry, new energy, the A stock market of new energy vehicle concept stocks or bring a new round of rising opportunity. Changjiang Securities (000783, shares) continued to be optimistic about the future prospects for the development of new energy automotive industry, recommended BYD (002594, shares), Yutong Bus (600066, shares), Jianghuai Automobile (600418, shares), a better electronic (600699, shares) etc..

Securities Daily News, since this year, local governments for new energy automobile promotion efforts. Recently, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Anhui and other provinces and cities intensive issued new energy automobile related application policy. In addition to the clear goal, the promotion of new energy vehicles subsidy standard, also relates to the preferential tax policy, license, charging infrastructure planning and subsidies and other preferential policies.

Changjiang Securities continued to be optimistic about the prospects for the future development of new energy automotive industry. First, performance improvement and energy saving and environmental protection under the promotion of new energy vehicles appeal to replace the traditional fuel vehicle has become an inevitable trend, the policy support, supply side product improvement, charging facilities construction and consumer preferences promotes four big factors under the promotion of new energy vehicles in 2014, our country will open the large-scale development period, the expected full year is expected to achieve 80000 cars. Second, considering the current plate valuation has been effective callback, the proposed active configuration of new energy automotive industry chain Core Company, such as BYD (vehicle technology by domestic new energy leading enterprises), Yutong Bus (domestic technology of new energy bus leading enterprise), Jianghuai Automobile (national economic type electric passenger vehicle enterprises), a better electronic (new energy battery management system leading enterprises).

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