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     HIAU electrical adhere to the idea of science and technology creating value. The research and development (R&D) has been positioned as center of the enterprise innovation and integrate with the overall business model and effective operation, basing on market demand understanding, Pay attention to the process monitoring and control of technology products. The company has a power test equipment, digital storage oscilloscope, intelligent instrument, IPC data acquisition system, the electrical energy purification system, three-phase pressure and power adjustments meter, high precision regulated power supply, high precision digital instrument and other advanced instruments and apparatuses. and the establishment of frequency, voltage, current, pulse parameter, component parameters measurement standard.

     The company introduced a control method based on process, the realization of product and service documentation, standardization, quality management systematization. The company has established the perfect scientific research project management procedure and product development program, following the ISO9001 and TS16949 on the development of products to the relevant requirements and establishing a more rigorous review process and decision check point, a comprehensive review to ensure design quality and other measures, so that effectively ensure the quality of the product research and development.


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