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The company LOGO is deformation of “HIAO” letter A and H. Modelling is vivid and beautiful ,using color of green and blue that symbol energy conservation and environmental protection and innovation of science and technology. Each side of the modeling mix together, meaning the sea with spirit of all rivers run into sea and the profound and infinite mind. The whole body shape like two fly Haiyan, that mean the spirit of courage to fight. Enterprises development will be a trend which cannot be halted. 

(HIAU) Interpretation:  “HIAU” is on behalf of “all rivers run into sea, profound and infinite”, and mean Thermonuclear science and Engineering that company rely on and serve. It is the mystery that realizing sea power through the artificial sun. HIAU is short for High power and Automation, which represents the company’s core technology----high power electronic technology and automatic digital control technology. 


(HIAU) song  -- "and" green embrace

There was once a dream in my heart

Let the world everyone and green embrace

The sacred mission be remembered in the chest forever

We who are innovative give the most moving

No haze no chimney

I hope life everywhere is spring

We used the song for your heart smile

Blessings of a beautiful Chinese from different

Grasp every minute of life  Go to all lengths we dream

The intention to strive to love him

Sincere cooperation leads us to success

Grasp in the life every move

Sharing the glory with dear partner

Let the light of Science & technology reflects the clear spring tides

Melting into the rivers and seas of passion



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