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     ANHUI CAS-HIAU ELECTRICAL INC. is located in Hefei national high-tech development zone. It is member unit of CAS(Hefei) Institute of technology Innovation Co.,Ltd. It enjoys attractive natural environment and strong technology background.
     Insisting on idea of “technological innovation and forge ahead” and in background of CAS great science and engineering, our company makes efforts to develop high power electronic technology and computer automatic control technology, in order to establish triune innovative technology platform of “scientific research, application development and product design”. We put forth effort to develop state great science projects nuclear fusion device used special power supply. Meanwhile, our company is engaged in research, production and sale of green energy resource and environmental friendly power supply. Our mission is to do our little bit to help scientific engineering construction. And we expect to realize both economical and social value of science and technology. We will carry out operation keeping principle of “apply advanced scientific achievement in low-carbon economy construction efficiently and reasonably”.
     Based on “industry-university-research cooperation” with scientific research institutes, our company has gained rich technological achievements. Through which, industrialization process of large and medium power resources have been promoted. Nowadays, our company’s industry strategic positioning is to develop high-tech electronic products, making full use of top grade scientific research resources, to seize markets. “Service and benefit from Science and Engineering” is the core of the company’s business model. Our two basic points are green energy resources and environmental friendly technology.
     What’s more, our development road is combination of informatization and industrialization. Our company has established CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), OA (Office Automatic) and CAIS system. Through digital management, our research capacity and design concept have been improved greatly.
     In addition, our company pays highly attention on enterprise value and culture cultivation and adhere to focus limited resource to the potential valuable work. We inject energy for our sustainable development through interactive learning and training.

    “All rivers run into sea, profound and infinite”Company always be open-minded and fulfill the guidance of the pursuit of excellence. Hefei HIAU Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. are absorbing far-sighted personage to realize their value in our company.

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